Louisiana crop duster strips

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It depicted McFillen as having a 2,400' unpaved runway.

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A circa 2002-2005 aerial view looking north at the former hangar at Ruston,

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Crop duster by Stearman

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A crop duster airplane sprays pesticide over potato field. - Stock Image


A purpose-built Grumman Ag-Cat still has to land as often as every 10  minutes to reload the hopper. (Grant/DCP, INC.)

duster tickle torture

Louisiana's Aviation History

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Anderson lands his thrush 510 at brantley’s recently paved private airstrip (photo by jonathan funk. Tommy anderson’s awesome thrush 510 (photo by jonathan funk). An aerial crop duster sprays a field in rural eunice, louisiana. – stock image. Crop duster aircraft spraying farm field, near regina, saskatchewan, canada. – stock. Israel negev a crop dusting aeroplane at the landing strip ready to take off to spray. Crop duster airplane spraying field near power lines, saskatchewan, canada – stock image. … brantley-cropdusting-19 …. Crop duster airplane spraying flax filed for grasshoppers near mott, north dakota, usa.. Crop duster airplane spraying farm field, saskatchewan, canada. – stock image. Crop duster plane flying and spraying over crops in the palouse region of washington state -. … brantley-cropdusting-51 …. Laudies brantley, jr., visits with pilot tommy anderson between “aerial application”. Crop duster airplane right after take-off at an airstrip just north of oaksdale.. A crop dusting business and aircraft in the town of westley in the central valley of. 03-10_048_pbucket.jpg. 03-10_049_pbucket.jpg. Cropduster airplane in flight – stock image. Agricultural aviation “. A small crop duster airplane applying chemicals in a spray to a crop in alberta canada. Talk to us.. Brantley-cropdusting-4. 03-10_047_pbucket.jpg. Crop duster airplane – stock image. Aerial application; flying fast and low for a noble cause. Crop duster airplane – stock image. … brantley-cropdusting-53 …. Stearman crop duster – google search. … brantley-cropdusting-21 …. … brantley-cropdusting-14 …. 32.51, -92.63 (east of shreveport, la). . May 2016 – u.s. edition in english. 03-10_035_pbucket.jpg. Airport funding fears cause furor over aerial applicator’s airport residence. October 2015 – u.s. edition in english. . . Places to discover. Brantley-cropdusting-4 brantley-cropdusting-29 …. After filling up, anderson heads back up to spray more fields (photo by jonathan. 1953 crop duster dusting cropduster plane photo champion spark plugs print ad | ebay. . 30.138, -93.185 (west of new orleans, la). . . Agricultural aviation. . . … u.s. 65, tensas parish, louisiana (3) | by ken. . . Sprague’s pipit. Damages from pesticide spray drift under trespass law. . It depicted lucien as a private field having a single 1,900′ paved runway.. Now i know!. Pilot walks away from crop-duster crash near covington. A 1989 usgs aerial view looking northwest showed that lucien field had gained a considerable number of hangars at some point between 1969-89.. Le coup de main is a tradition of helping neighbors bring in the crop when there aren’t enough hands or helping with machinery when it’s not available.. And 4 small buildings on the northeast side.. . . In some areas of louisiana traditional methods of bundling and loading sugar cane can still be found using a winch, pulley, and manpower.. . Advertisement: agsyncair. . . A 1996 photo of the awful wreckage of 4 cessnas inside a lucien field hangar (courtesy of rick shelton). Cub fuel gauge. An undated (circa late 1940s?) aerial photo looking northeast at puente sky ranch (courtesy of mal soare via dan macpherson).. . At802_side. Crop-dusting service expanding to vermilion county. A war-surplus stearman. (hans groenhoff photographic collection/nasm (si neg. #2003-33190)). . . … not uphold the standards envisioned by their ancestors which is an extremely valued goal and priority. we proudly support local organizations such as …. . September 2014 – international edition in english by agair update – issuu. . A circa 1950 photo by fred fahrner (courtesy of steve fahrner) of 3 vultee bt-13s at puente sky ranch.. Current print edition. A 3/4/12 aerial view showed the remains of the mcfillen runway, along with the hangars that remained standing.. A closeup of the hangars at stovall airport from an undated (circa 1930s?) aerial view (courtesy of carl hennigan),.